Conventional accessories

Shutter valves

Insulation oil inside the transformer needs to be monitored to reduce any risk of transformer failure to a minimum. Loss of oil from the transformer does not only cause environmental pollution but can also lead in extreme cases to an explosion and fire. Shutter valves prevent the conservator from oil draining. In case of any rapid movement of the oil, the shutter valve can immediately close the pipe to stop oil dispersion. It is a perfect solution for transformers located in earthquakes and hurricane risk areas where movement causes pipe ruptures or leaks.

Choose our solution and assure reliable and safe operation of the transformer and a power supply network. You will get reliable accessories designed to shut down the transformer immediately when necessary to prevent any catastrophic failure.

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Why buy

  • Proven technology
  • Adjustable value settings for alarms and switches
  • Easy installation
  • Maintenance free


  • Liquid-filled transformers
  • Suitable for mineral or silicone oil
  • Suitable for seismic and hurricane areas
  • Suitable for new installations and retrofits
  • Suitable for offshore environment

Technical data at a glance

Housing and upper part inclusive terminal boxAlluminum casting, RAL 7032, powder coated
InstallationIndoors/Outdoors, tropical proof
Red arrow indicates the installation way
Ambient temperaturefrom -40°C to +80°C
Oil temperaturefrom -40°C to +115°C
Degree of protectionIP65 in accordance with EN60529
Rated insulation voltageIP65 in accordance with EN60529
Nominal tube diameterDN25 – DN50 – DN80
Protected reed switch
Number and types2 x Change over contacts
Nominal voltage24 – 230 V ac7dc
Max. nominal current2A
Min. switching current10 mA/24 V dc (for lower current golden contacts are available)
Max. breaking capacity dc250W (L/R < 40 ms)
Max. breaking capacity ac400 VA (cosΦ > 0.5)
Rated insulation voltage2.5 kV ac 1 min between contacts and earth; 1.0 kC ac 1 min between open contacts
Insulation resistance1000 Mohm/5000 Vdc

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