Conventional accessories

Pressure relief devices

Pressure in the transformer is one of the key health parameters that predict early signs of decreased performance or an upcoming failure. Overpressure in the transformer tank can lead to an explosion and a hot oil spill in the surrounding environment. The valve size is proportional to the volume of the oil in your transformer. Choose one of our pressure relief devices to keep the pressure in the transformer under control. It can discharge the overpressure to the exterior very quickly and reduce the risk of tank rupture. 

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Why buy

  • Proven technology
  • Wide pressure range settings
  • Easy installation
  • Maintenance free


  • Liquid-filled transformers
  • Suitable for new installations and retrofits
  • Suitable for offshore environment
  • Suitable for tropical climates

Technical data at a glance

StandardIEC 60076-22-1
HousingAlluminum alloy
Types of installation environmentIndoorCorrosian class: C4-MediumRAL 7032
OutdoorCorrosian class: C4-MediumRAL 7032
Coastal areaCorrosion class: C5-MediumGeomet coating
Off shoreCorrosion class: CXRAL 7035
Ambient temperaturefrom -40°C to +80°C
Oil-directed coverPlastic, stainless steel or alluminum, depending on the model type
GasketsNBR (Standard)
Vitton, HNBR and FVMQ available upon request
Visual indicatorBrass, stainless steel or alluminum indicator, depending on model type, Seawater resistant alluminum, red color button (not for T models)