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Integrated safety devices for smart transformers

Keep constant control over four key health parameters in your hermetically sealed transformer: pressure, temperature, oil level, and gassing with just one compact device. Choose our integrated safety detector type eRIS2, an evolution of our conventional Integrated Safety device. It integrates the functions performed by different accessories into one, saves space, and assures reliable and safe operation of the transformer. Furthermore, it continuously monitors temperature and pressure from remote and allows you to control pressure variations in the fins of your hermetically sealed transformer. The operator can monitor the different values on-site through the easy-to-read dials or from remote and decide on the best transformer maintenance schedule. 
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Why buy

  • A proven technology with robust design
  • Large installed base
  • 4-in-1: four accessories combined into one compact device
  • Adjustable value settings for pressure range enables the operators to set-up the device to the specific needs
  • 270 Degree View for Liquid level indicator increases the flexibility for the installed position
  • Easy installation and easy maintenance
  • Thermal and pressure analog output for continuous remote monitoring
  • Continuous monitoring of the pressure variations of the fins in the hermetically sealed transformer


  • Hermetically sealed liquid-filled distribution and small power transformers
  • Suitable for new installations and retrofits
  • Suitable for offshore environment
  • Suitable for tropical climates
  • Suitable for solar power applications
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Suitable for smart transformers

Technical data at a glance

StandardIEC 60076-22-1
Degree of protection (CEI-EN 60529)IP66
IP67 upon request
Degree of shock tightness (EN 50102)IK 07
Salt-fogtight1,000 h
UV-Ray resistance
(UNI-ISO 4892 / UNI-ISO 4582)
500 h
Ambient temperaturefrom -40°C to +60°C
Oil temperaturefrom 40°C to 120°C
Cable connectionM25x1,5
Cable box (EN 60947-7-1 / IEC 947-7-1)According to standard
Wire section to be used on clamp boxUp to 2,5 mm3
Max. rated pressure500 mbar
Electrical characteristicsInsulated enclosure
Thermostats precision± 4°C accuracy tolerance of end scale
Overpressure switches precision± 10°C accuracy tolerance of end scale
Thermometers precision± 3°C accuracy tolerance of end scale
Analogue Output for eRIS2
Temperature4-20 mA proportional to the measuring temperature range (0°C – 4 mA … 160°C – 20mA)
Pressure4-20 mA proportional to the pressure range (0 mbar – 4 mA … 500 mbar – 20mA)*
Max distance for analougue outputMax 30 m / 98 ft. Contact us for other options (
*-1000/+1000 mbar – 4/20 mA is available on demand
CONTACTS INTERRUPTION POWERVoltageMaking capacityBreaking capacity
Liquid level / gas bleed24 V dc to 230 V dc2A100 m/aL/R < 40 ms
Pressure switch24 V ac to 230 V ac2A2Acos Φ > 0,5