COMEM Group launches new brand identity

With a history of 60 years on the market, COMEM Group is connecting experience from manufacturing and supply of different types of transformer components to Transformer manufacturers, Service organizations, and End-users with innovative services.

Our mission:

Provide world-class consulting services, product solutions, and after-sales support during the entire transformer lifecycle.

Our vision:

Contribute to an effective value chain optimization of our customers, improving the sustainability and efficiency of the energy transformation process

Our values:

Global mind-set

Our people approach the business with a solid global orientation, global competencies, and diversity management skills, for supporting the customer on a global scale.


We consider integrity as the only possible business enabler.


We act with social responsibility, monitoring and controlling the environmental impact of every business initiative, striving for sustainability.


We consider people’s safety a top priority.

“Energize first”

We keep the customer needs as the foundation of our business priorities. Customers are firstly listened to, served, and supported.

People empowerment

We consider our people as the most important company asset, promoting and training talents, creating solid managerial skills, and offering career opportunities according to their effective potential.

Innovative thinking

We promote and pursue innovation and creative thinking in business processes, engineering, and product solutions offered to the customers.